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Start Your CBD Journey™

CBD Starter Box CBD Samples

Now that you’ve done your research and read everything there is to know about CBD, you want to start using CBD Oil. You are not sure where & how to start? We get these questions everyday, all day long! With so many different brands of CBD hitting the market, which one is right for me? What is the best type of CBD I should be using? I would love to try CBD Oil tinctures, but I don’t want to buy a big bottle! Will CBD Capsules work better then vaping CBD? This list of questions goes on and on. Based on these questions, as well as feedback from our followers on Instagram, we decided to put together a small CBD starter kit. Start Your CBD Journey™ is mostly sample sized CBD products in different forms: edible, oil, capsules, cream, ointment, and balm. This CBD starter kit allows you to try different forms of CBD. You can finally try different products without having to commit to a large purchase! Your health and wellbeing are our priority – we only carry highest quality, hemp based, CBD products which are legal in all 50 states! Before we make any product available to our customers, we study the lab reports, and personally test the products. Consistency as well as label accuracy is super important when we review all of the CBD products found here at Smart CBD Shop.

Let’s quickly go over what is included in Start Your CBD Journey™ kit! First, we have possibly the most popular CBD product – gummies! We’ve included Hempzilla CBD Gummies 5 pack – 10mg per gummy or 50mg per pack. Hempzilla gummies are infused – never sprayed – with the highest quality full spectrum CBD. Organically grown hemp from Colorado which is processed and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We are also including a single wrapped gummy that you can share with a friend who is also interested in trying a CBD goodie!

Next, we have orange flavored CBD Oil Tincture also from our friends at Hempzilla. This trial size tincture gives you a chance to taste and feel what CBD tinctures are all about. Although it is only a 10ml bottle it should give you enough to get a feel of things & allow you to decide if you want to purchase a full size tincture.

Not everyone enjoys tinctures or edibles, and for many adding a CBD capsule to their daily regimen is much easier to do. We are including Lazarus Naturals 10mg CBD Capsules. This is the perfect starter dose for those wishing to try CBD. Simply take twice daily for at least a week to see how CBD can change your life and truly help you with your struggles and ailments. Lazarus also makes Energy & Relaxation CBD capsules formulations that are slightly more powerful at 25mg per capsule. Using CBD can be as easy as taking a daily vitamin or supplement!

Next in this CBD starter kit we have Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm. This is a topical CBD solution. Sore joint and muscles are thing of the past! This CBD balm comes in 3 different scents – Soothing Mint, Relaxing Lavender, and Invigorating Cedar Citrus!

Finally, we have some CBD Clinic cream and ointment samples. CBD Clinic products bring you truly revolutionary pain relief. These powerful and potent menthol & camphor topical are loaded with all the benefits of CBD extract. Combining the two topical pain solutions bring you the ultimate relief. Everyone who tries these creams and ointments, instantly falls in love with how effective they are.

Start Your CBD Journey™ Kit also includes a $10 Gift Card towards your next purchase. Once you try our selection of CBD products, come back and purchase the full size product with a $10 discount. We know how cost prohibitive trying new things can be for so many who struggle financially, so we wanted to make sure this kit addressed that problem as well. When you shop with us, you join our community & our family!

If you have any questions about the Start Your CBD Journey™ Kit or any other products found on our site, please contact us at any time! We strive to answer all questions and support tickets in less then few hours! Even though we are unable to customize this CBD starter kit, if there is any other products you’d like to try, please let us know and we will do our best to put together a kit that fits your needs!

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Consider This When Shopping For CBD

CBD is now being sold all across the United States. You see more and more brands & products in stores, vape shops, even gas stations. The CBD market is about to get bigger and more confusing for consumers – we are looking at a seven fold increase by 2021 to at least $2 billion. So how do you begin your research when looking to buy safe and high quality CBD products? Smart CBD Shop has put together a step by step guide to help you make the best choice!


1.The Why & The What

The first step is perhaps the most crucial one. You must first decide exactly why you are looking to use CBD and then which form of CBD is right for you. Numerous health benefits are the reason people choose CBD. Some well known and even documented by research, some still being tested and discovered. Pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, and even epilepsy – CBD could help! Now that you know exactly what the CBD will be used, now is the time to figure out which product is right for you. CBD comes in many different forms including oils, creams, tinctures, edibles, smoke/vape, and few others.  Generally speaking if you are looking for a fast relief of your symptoms inhaling CBD ( Vape / E-Cig / Juul ) is the fastest way for your body to absorb.  CBD in other forms, such as edibles, will take longer to kick in.

2. Where Did It Come From?

Many of the CBD products you see for sale come from hemp plants not marijuana, and it is very important to know where that hemp was grown.  Most U.S. hemp comes from either Colorado, Kentucky, or Oregon. Colorado is the best known to have the most amazing agricultural hemp programs. The state preforms random checks of hemp fields to check the THC levels, as well as test for any harmful or illegal pesticides that might have been used. There is CBD products with hemp that is grown overseas. We do NOT recommend any of these products! Simply there is almost no oversight or knowing the true source of these products. When you buy your CBD product of choice look at the label or ask the sales staff where is the hemp grown! And of course all products from Smart CBD Shop  are from U.S. hemp only ( Mostly from Colorado! )


3. THC Levels

If you are looking to avoid the head high which is a result of higher levels of THC, you must look for CBD products that contain CBD from Hemp.  Generally speaking, CBD from hemp have a cut off levels of THC at 0.3% If you are looking for a CBD product that contains higher levels of THC it is not that easy. First you must be located in a state that has legalized marijuana not just CBD. Then in most states you will need a recommendation of a physician to be able to obtain THC rich products. Even though there is some research suggesting that THC can supplement the effects of CBD, most go for pure hemp CBD products and the results are amazing for most.

4. Test Results

Always ask to see the Certificate of Analysis ( COA ) for any CBD product you wish to consume.  Even though most states do not require any testing for CBD hemp products, most reputable companies arrange for such on their own.  These tests of COAs will show you CBD & THC levels as well as presence of any contaminants. If for any reason an online manufacturer or a retailer does not have the information, or refuses to share it with you, avoid the product and the retailer. There should be nothing in the CBD product you want to take to be hidden or mislabeled!

5. Understand The Dose & Label

This one is crucial and confusing for most new consumers of CBD products. First and foremost, look for products that tell you exactly how much CBD you get not only in the entire product but per each dose. Dosages should be expressed in milligrams (mgs) and in the beginning you want to look for products that have low mgs per dose – 5-10mg would be ideal. Be careful as some products might list the total amount of cannabinoids not just CBD. You will see many manufacturers will have very little details on the label. The goal of that is to attract as little attention from the FDA as possible, but it doesn’t allow consumers to understand what it is that they are actually taking. There is also other information on the label such as CBD extraction method. Another frequent term on labels is that this product comes from “Hemp Oil”. This usually refers to oil made from seeds of the hemp plant NOT the plant itself. Seeds of the hemp plant contain small traces of CBD so you most likely won’t get to enjoy any benefits.

6. Common Sense Approach

If the product you are looking to purchase has amazing health claims right on the packaging, that should be a red flag.  Some products have brazen claims of curing cancer or heart disease. No need to explain why those should be really suspicious! Also products that seem to list almost no details at all should be avoided at all cost.


As you can see there is a lot of information to process and all of that is before you even go out and buy the CBD product you wish to use. It is imperative you know what to look for and you learn everything possible before making your first purchase. Considering that most CBD products are not cheap at all, take some time to learn and understand everything to know about CBD. We hope you found this article helpful and invite you to check out our tested & trusted products sold here at Smart CBD Shop! Use Coupon Code LEARN to get 10% off any order!