Important Update On Vape Products

Here at Smart CBD Shop health and well being of our customers is our priority. Our mission since day one has been to provide a marketplace where consumers can shop for the highest quality CBD products that are safe, tested, and come with many benefits. In addition, fast shipping with excellent customer service has allowed us to fulfill over 6,000 orders since our launch in October 2018. Each day our community continues to grow and more and more consumers trust our store & the brands we sell.

As you might have heard recently, vaping and e-cigarettes made national news with reports of mysterious pulmonary diseases. General consensus is that although long term effects of vaping are still unknown as it’s a relatively new technology, we can say that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking.

It is very important to note that NONE of the products sold on our site contain nicotine. Nicotine is extremely addictive and dangerous substance that should be avoided at all cost. In addition, NONE of the products sold on our site contain Vitamin E Acetate, which is a substance that is causing some concern among medical professionals.

ALL products sold on our site are researched, and lab tested by 3rd parties. We only sell vape products that we feel meet our high standards. We will never sell any product that doesn’t meet our criteria and could possibly be dangerous.

In addition, we closely follow all news, reports, and studies related to not only CBD but vaping in general. It is our duty to continue to protect our customers not only before they purchase, but long after the sale. You can rest assured we will continue to monitor all and any reports and update everyone if there is anything concerning at all.

If you have any questions at all about any of our products, please reach out to us at any time! We are here to answer every single question!

Below you will find a Press Release from Hempzilla – our #1 seller in the Vape Category,


As you are probably aware by now, the number of people stricken by acute lung disease, linked to vaping, is still growing. In a briefing this past Friday, CDC officials reported these cases aren’t tied to a specific product. The vast majority of victims have stated using cartridges containing THC.  In most cases, these products are counterfeit or are bought on the black market. It is almost certain that these products are using Vitamin E oils, which is problematic and most certainly the cause of the issue. Vitamin E is harmful when vaped but can be beneficial when taken orally or topically. Understandably, yet unfortunately, this has caused unwarranted alarm in consumers of CBD products. It is our priority to educate our consumers about CBD in order to avoid confusion and possibly fear.  Most people prefer vaping CBD due to the immediate benefits. Please know the source of your CBD vaping product and all the ingredients contained within!  Ask for 3rd party lab reports. Please make sure there is no vitamin E oil in your vaping products.  If your source can’t answer that question, DON’T BUY! We also strongly suggest not to vape products containing MCT oil, which could be problematic as well. We, at Hempzilla CBD, are leaders in high-quality CBD vaping products. We never use Vitamin E oil or MCT oil. We use TEC, an all-natural organic food-grade agent. It is recognized as safe (RAS) by the FDA, providing our customers with a dependable and safe vaping solution. It also contains a special blend of Terpenes, with anti-oxidants and anti-irritant properties. Please stay informed! There are, unfortunately, companies out there with unethical practices.  Hempzilla CBD prides itself in helping people with their health issues, not to compromise them.

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