CBD Juul™ Compatible Pods

Zillapods have become our number #1 seller week after week! These Juul™ Compatible Pods come packed with Hempzilla’s proprietary blend of Full Spectrum CBD vape juice. You get 150mg of CBD per pod, or 300mg per pack! Here are some frequently asked questions & user’s guide to help you better enjoy your CBD pods!

1. How To Use?

Our CBD Pods are very different from regular Juul™ Pods or other salt-nic based pods. The vape juice is somewhat thicker consistency and requires a firm pull. All the pods have a very smooth finish – since there is no nicotine at all, you don’t have to worry about a harsh hit or burning sensation. These pods are designed for you to fully enjoy without having to worry about unpleasant puffs. Please be sure that your device is fully charged, and when you insert the pod make sure it is all the way in! When you receive your pods, you may notice that there is some vape juice on the outside of the pod. Do not panic, this is normal! Although we take every step to make sure each pod is perfect, our human lab personnel will sometimes forget to wipe off any excess vape juice! Simply wipe off any excess juice and you are ready to enjoy it!

2. Which Flavor Is Right For Me?








Everyone has their preference when it comes to their favorite vape flavorings.  All of our pods use only natural flavorings to give you the best taste without any nasty chemicals! Although we have perfected our mixers, since we use all natural flavorings, you might notice very slight differences with each batch. Just like in nature no fruit is exactly the same, but the overall flavor remains the same!

Berry Wild – A mix of Blueberries & Raspberries. It Is a Berry Wild Adventure!

Strawberry Creme – Strawberries mixed with cream. Sweet & Satisfying!

Natural Hemp – Simple & Very Mild! Taste Natural Hemp without any additives or flavorings. Just what unadulterated nature should taste like!

Mango Tango – New Addition to Zillapod Family! Sweet & Succulent Ripe Mango Flavoring!

We have few new flavors coming out in the next few months. Watermelon Ice & FruitLoop Milk are going to be simply put deliciously out of this world!

If you haven’t tried our CBD Juul Pods order today! If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at any time! We are always available to assist you!

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