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Fact vs. Fiction | CBD Facts & Fiction


In our continuous efforts to educate all about CBD, we wanted to put together top 5 myths, facts, and the truths when it comes to CBD. These are based on the same questions we get over and over again. With so much misinformation and hard to understand articles it is in fact very difficult to distinguish which are facts and which are myths!


Hemp, full spectrum, isolate, lab grown, industrial hemp, and many more confusing terms all refer to CBD. Yes the actual molecule CBD is all the same. However the products are not all the same. In addition to the source, byproducts & additives of the CBD product make a huge difference. Did you know that close to 70% of all CBD products sold online are mislabeled?[1] Those either don’t contain the actual CBD concentration or understate the content. Dosing is extremely important as you will see in the next paragraph, so not having accurate CBD product label, will most certainly negate your experience! Please check out our CBD Guide to learn what you need to look for when purchasing CBD.


When it comes to CBD dosing more is not always better. In fact, the opposite is usually true. CBD ( and the same goes for THC ) is a biphasic compound – different blood concentration levels cause different effects. Taking too much of CBD won’t cause your symptoms to get worse however you won’t reach therapeutic levels you are looking for.  Whenever a doctor prescribes a new medication, they start with a lower dosage and adjust it as needed. CBD should be approached the same way. You must find the best dosage that works for YOU! Start at the lowest levels and move up as needed until you reach that sweet spot needed for relief!


That is far from the truth – CBD is not a sedative. As discussed above, depending on the amount of concentration, it causes different effects. At very low doses, CBD can be very alerting & awakening. Some users report feeling of bursts of energy when they use CBD products. Again, depending on the dose used CBD will have different effects. And of course everyone is different so one dose is not universal either. This is something very important to remember when starting to use CBD products.


This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about CBD & marijuana in general. Some products claim to cure cancer, heart disease & other chronic illnesses. There is many lengthy studies which show that CBD is amazing at helping with and even eliminating many of the symptoms associated with certain medical conditions.  Something that helps with symptoms doesn’t automatically cure the illness and source of these symptoms. Yes many claim that they beat cancer and other serious illnesses with CBD, but those statements are not scientifically tested. CBD and cannabis plant is getting more and more attention and maybe one day it can be called the miracle cure by the medical community but we are not there quiet yet so please remember that!


This one we get asked ALOT? Isn’t THC better then CBD? Shouldn’t I be adding THC to my CBD to make it “stronger”? Well there is much to consider when trying to determine which is better for YOU. Which one provides a better relief for your symptoms, how well do you tolerate CBD and THC. Starting doses, your state legality of marijuana are just some of the other things to consider when trying to determine which is better for you. You can almost compare it to someone asking if Advil or Tylenol is better for their headache. Hard to determine without knowing key background information. Same goes for CBD and THC.

We are already working on another list of CBD Facts & Myths! We are here to not only provide you with the highest quality TRUSTED CBD Products, we are here to educate everyone about CBD and the benefits it can bring to your life. If you have any questions about this article or any other CBD related questions please reach out to us at any time! Please use coupon code LEARN at checkout to get 10% Off any order today!



[1] Penn Medicine Study 11.2017

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Full Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate CBD | What’s The Difference?

full spectrum cbd gummies

What is The Difference Between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD Products?

This is perhaps one of the biggest questions asked, especially those who are new to CBD products. Many products and websites mention these terms frequently when describing CBD products. But what is Full Spectrum CBD? What is Isolate CBD? We will discuss the differences and how both are applied & benefits associated with each.

FULL SPECTRUM CBD – Generally speaking, this terms refers to products that contain CBD AND certain terpenes & other cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids could be CBG, CBC, CBD, CBDa, and of course THC. Full Spectrum CBD only contains trace amounts of THC – only 0.3% at most. The greatest benefit of Full Spectrum CBD products is the interaction of all these cannabinoids and terpenes which work together and boost each other to give you truly the full benefit of the plant.

When searching for CBD products you may come across something called “Broad Spectrum” CBD. This term refers to a Full Spectrum CBD with one or more cannabinoid removed or extracted, usually THC.  You can ask for detailed lab results to see exactly what the product contains, and what was extracted. Check Out Our Full Spectrum Gummies by Hempzilla!

ISOLATE CBD – These CBD products are normally labeled as Pure CBD or 99% CBD.  CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like – isolated. These products contain nothing but one cannabinoid – CBD all alone. Purity of CBD Isolates is extremely important. 99.9% pure CBD isolate is what you want. There is some that have lower purity such as 99.1% pure and those could contain minuscule traces of other cannabinoids.

Most studies and research shows that Full Spectrum CBD has the most benefits and users prefer it over Isolate CBD products. It has been shown that the interactions and boosting of the different cannabinoids is what truly gives CBD products their powers.  CBD Isolate products are great as addition and mixers to other naturally occurring particles. They are also great products in case of a very rare allergy to one particular cannabinoid.  Here at Smart CBD Shop most of our products are Full Spectrum CBD. If we sell any Isolate CBD products it is clearly labeled as such so you always know what you are getting.

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Consider This When Shopping For CBD

CBD is now being sold all across the United States. You see more and more brands & products in stores, vape shops, even gas stations. The CBD market is about to get bigger and more confusing for consumers – we are looking at a seven fold increase by 2021 to at least $2 billion. So how do you begin your research when looking to buy safe and high quality CBD products? Smart CBD Shop has put together a step by step guide to help you make the best choice!


1.The Why & The What

The first step is perhaps the most crucial one. You must first decide exactly why you are looking to use CBD and then which form of CBD is right for you. Numerous health benefits are the reason people choose CBD. Some well known and even documented by research, some still being tested and discovered. Pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, and even epilepsy – CBD could help! Now that you know exactly what the CBD will be used, now is the time to figure out which product is right for you. CBD comes in many different forms including oils, creams, tinctures, edibles, smoke/vape, and few others.  Generally speaking if you are looking for a fast relief of your symptoms inhaling CBD ( Vape / E-Cig / Juul ) is the fastest way for your body to absorb.  CBD in other forms, such as edibles, will take longer to kick in.

2. Where Did It Come From?

Many of the CBD products you see for sale come from hemp plants not marijuana, and it is very important to know where that hemp was grown.  Most U.S. hemp comes from either Colorado, Kentucky, or Oregon. Colorado is the best known to have the most amazing agricultural hemp programs. The state preforms random checks of hemp fields to check the THC levels, as well as test for any harmful or illegal pesticides that might have been used. There is CBD products with hemp that is grown overseas. We do NOT recommend any of these products! Simply there is almost no oversight or knowing the true source of these products. When you buy your CBD product of choice look at the label or ask the sales staff where is the hemp grown! And of course all products from Smart CBD Shop  are from U.S. hemp only ( Mostly from Colorado! )


3. THC Levels

If you are looking to avoid the head high which is a result of higher levels of THC, you must look for CBD products that contain CBD from Hemp.  Generally speaking, CBD from hemp have a cut off levels of THC at 0.3% If you are looking for a CBD product that contains higher levels of THC it is not that easy. First you must be located in a state that has legalized marijuana not just CBD. Then in most states you will need a recommendation of a physician to be able to obtain THC rich products. Even though there is some research suggesting that THC can supplement the effects of CBD, most go for pure hemp CBD products and the results are amazing for most.

4. Test Results

Always ask to see the Certificate of Analysis ( COA ) for any CBD product you wish to consume.  Even though most states do not require any testing for CBD hemp products, most reputable companies arrange for such on their own.  These tests of COAs will show you CBD & THC levels as well as presence of any contaminants. If for any reason an online manufacturer or a retailer does not have the information, or refuses to share it with you, avoid the product and the retailer. There should be nothing in the CBD product you want to take to be hidden or mislabeled!

5. Understand The Dose & Label

This one is crucial and confusing for most new consumers of CBD products. First and foremost, look for products that tell you exactly how much CBD you get not only in the entire product but per each dose. Dosages should be expressed in milligrams (mgs) and in the beginning you want to look for products that have low mgs per dose – 5-10mg would be ideal. Be careful as some products might list the total amount of cannabinoids not just CBD. You will see many manufacturers will have very little details on the label. The goal of that is to attract as little attention from the FDA as possible, but it doesn’t allow consumers to understand what it is that they are actually taking. There is also other information on the label such as CBD extraction method. Another frequent term on labels is that this product comes from “Hemp Oil”. This usually refers to oil made from seeds of the hemp plant NOT the plant itself. Seeds of the hemp plant contain small traces of CBD so you most likely won’t get to enjoy any benefits.

6. Common Sense Approach

If the product you are looking to purchase has amazing health claims right on the packaging, that should be a red flag.  Some products have brazen claims of curing cancer or heart disease. No need to explain why those should be really suspicious! Also products that seem to list almost no details at all should be avoided at all cost.


As you can see there is a lot of information to process and all of that is before you even go out and buy the CBD product you wish to use. It is imperative you know what to look for and you learn everything possible before making your first purchase. Considering that most CBD products are not cheap at all, take some time to learn and understand everything to know about CBD. We hope you found this article helpful and invite you to check out our tested & trusted products sold here at Smart CBD Shop! Use Coupon Code LEARN to get 10% off any order!

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What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid or simply put a chemical compound that can be found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants contains over 100 different chemical compounds or cannabinoids. These cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) in many different ways, and the scientific community is still working towards fully understanding those interactions.

CBD is non-psychoactive, which basically means it will not get you high, but it has been shown to have a large number of health benefits, and that list is still growing! It’s health benefits come without the intoxicating effects of cannabis for which the compound known as THC is responsible for the “high”.

ECS – The Endocannabinoid System is relatively new to the scientific community as it has been just discovered! Endogenous cannabinoid receptors have been found throughout entire human body ( Yes your pets have some too ) These receptors can be located in out central nervous system, immune system, and peripheral nervous system. The location of these receptors is crucial and responsible for the functions of the brain and its’ control of the body!

CBD naturally occurs within structures known as trichomes, that grow on hemp and cannabis plants. These are very tiny structures, almost hairlike. CBD molecules have been first discovered around 1940, and been studied ever since. Just like all research related to the cannabis plant we still have ways to go. As the government starts to relax the regulation of this amazing plant, more research and studies will continue to reveal even more benefits!

Here are just some of the benefits of CBD:

  1. Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns ( Insomnia )
  2. Reduces Frustration & Stress ( Anxiety )
  3. Helps with Nausea & Other Digestive Problems ( IBS & Ulcers )
  4. It improves overall mood ( Depression )
  5. Joint Pain & Muscle Recovery ( Arthritis )
  6. Immune System Enforcement

These are just some of the amazing medical benefits of CBD! This list is constantly expanding and growing as people find new ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. We will discuss in detail more about each of these benefits, suggested dosing, and products that can help in the upcoming articles. If you have a success story with using CBD you’d like to share with us please send us an Email or post your comment below! If we use your story on our site you will get a $50 Gift Card to Our Store! Stay healthy Friends!

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Welcome To Smart CBD Shop!

We are very happy to announce that we are officially open for business! Here at Smart CBD Shop you will only find the highest quality CBD products you can trust! Full spectrum CBD, fast shipping, and customer satisfaction are our #1 priorities!

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