How To Avoid Counterfeit & Dangerous Products

In recent weeks, there has been many reports of dangerous CBD vape products being sold all over the nation. Government commissioned lab testing of over 350 different CBD vape samples has revealed that many were spiked with synthetic marijuana and other incredibly dangerous chemicals. Cheap knock-offs, mislabeled vape carts, and contaminated vape juices, are the sad result of completely unregulated industry. If you use and enjoy the benefits of CBD vape products, this is beyond scary. We have put together an easy to follow guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeit and dangerous CBD Vape Products.


  1. Look Up The CBD Brand – sometimes Google can truly be your best friend. A simple search will reveal basic information on the manufacturer, reviews, recommendations, etc. If the manufacturer does not have a strong online presence proceed with caution.
  2. Batch Number & QR Code – Look at the packaging of the product you intend to use. Does it show information such as production date, expiration date, batch number? If you cannot locate at least one of these details be careful. Is there a QR barcode on the packaging? Scanning this code should direct you to either batch information, lab results, or both. If there is no QR code or any information about production of the item – stay away!
  3. Packing & Seals – Make sure the product you intend to use is sealed and offers at least some protection from possible contaminants or adulterants. Vape juices and vape cartridges that are easily removed from packing and do not have evident seal might have been altered or contaminated before reaching your hands. Cheap knockoffs and suspicious products come in flimsy packing and lack seals.
  4. Too Good To Be True – Look at the packing of the product and the claims made. Does it contain 10,000mg of CBD? Is it super cheap? These are some basic warning signs. For CBD vape cartridges you usually won’t see strengths of more than 500mg per 1ml, and for e-juices it is usually no more than 2000mg per 30ml. Of course, there is some exceptions, but these are the max numbers you should see on any reputable CBD vape product. If the claims made right on the product sound too good to be true, plus the price is super low, you are not looking at a genuine CBD vape product. Extraction of high-quality CBD, lab testing, proper lab settings – these important factors cost a ton of money, therefore there is no such thing as good cheap CBD.
  5. Online Stores – With the growing popularity of CBD, there is a growing presence of online stores. When shopping online for CBD vape products, there is many things to look at before checking out. Can you easily find customer service information and general contact for the online store? Again, a quick Google search can reveal a lot of information about the online store – reviews, complaints, contact information, etc. You want to purchase from an online store that doesn’t hide their information, has strong social media presence, and sells items from reputable manufacturers. If the online store is selling their CBD products for less than half of MSRP, it is possible they are not selling original products.


Vaping CBD has truly changed and improved lives of many. Do your research before using any CBD product. Dig in and spend few minutes to look around and verify the authenticity and credibility of the product. With so many unscrupulous souls looking to make a quick buck, it could be dangerous or even life-threatening experience trying CBD Vape products. Since our launch in late 2018, it has been our mission to provide our customers, safe, trusted, original, and effective CBD products. We are committed to this mission, and we will continue to bring you only the best in the CBD world.


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