Smart CBD Shop was born to provide those, who believe in the healing powers of hemp, to have a trusted sources for all of their CBD product needs. Here at SmartCBD.Shop, we know that CBD products can provide amazing health benefits for people with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation of the joints, nausea, seizures, and many other health problems. We also know it is hard to find a reliable and trusted source that can deliver directly to you.

We are very proud & stand behind all of the brands and products sold on our site. We have spent months testing, reviewing, researching, and gathering results for every single item you see on our site. We will NEVER sell any product or brand that has not been personally tested and researched by at least two members of our team, and at least one outside source.  You can be sure that any product purchased from us will be exactly as described and contain everything it says it does, and will not contain any harmful ingredients. As the entire hemp & CBD community grows, it is imperative to get to know the brands and products you can trust and rely on for years to come.


We frequently get requests from individuals who depend on CBD products to help with their health issues. Although we strive to provide competitive pricing, CBD product purchases can add up quickly and not everyone is able to afford them. Smart CBD Shop sends out many products on weekly basis at no charge to those who are in poor health & can demonstrate their financial hardships. Please know that every time you purchase a product from us, you are helping those less fortunate, and that is what this community is all about – helping others!

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